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If you do not agree our terms of use and privacy policies, please do NOT use this site.

  1. www.thebiomics.com does not collect visitor’s data without their consent however cookies (small amout of data stored on your system by the site which does not contain personal details) are used by Google Analytics and Google’s AdSense. Please visit Google Analytics and AdSense’s website for their privacy policy.
  2. Various tools of Google are being used to get information to help us understand user interests and help us improve our website.
  3. The website does not collect any personal information except through contact forms/login/register form (Limited to Name, Email, Contact and State) where we collect name/email address for further communication. The site does not transmit any information outside the website’s system.
  4. The site does not allow to upload of any personal file or document for any purpose. We do not recruit and do not charge for any service provided through this interface.

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