How to prepare for CSIR NET Life Science and other JRF Exams

How can you prepare for CSIR NET Life Science exam in a better way?

CSIR NET exam is one of the toughest and important exams in India. It’s an important decision for your career and you must take a cautious decision before starting your preparation. Because if you are doing PhD after CSIR, it will take almost 5 years. It takes 3-4 months for preparation of CSIR NET JRF syllabus when you study 10-15 hours daily. The time length of study differs from person to person, you should decide how much time you need to invest.

Read the syllabus and make your list of weak topics and strong topics according to your B.Sc or M.Sc. subjects. Weak topics need more time than strong topics. Here in we are enlisting top ways to prepare for CSIR NET exam in life sciences. Focus more on important topics. Prepare well for Developmental Biology, Plant Physiology, Evolution and Ecology because these subjects are scoring for everyone. These suggestions will also help to clear other exams like DBT, GATE, TIFR, ICMR etc.

1. Standard reference books

There are countless reference books for CSIR NET JRF, in Life Science. So, we have compiled a list of top reference books for CSIR NET exam according to the units in CSIR NET Life Science syllabus. 
Although it depends on you what to study first, try to cover the Biochemistry followed by Metabolism, Cell Biology, Genetics, Molecular Biology etc., Parallelly read two different subjects like Biochemistry and Immunology.

Understand the concepts not just complete the syllabus. Completing or just reading the whole syllabus is not going to help. Follow smart study pattern i.e., go through the old papers and focus more on important topics. CSIR NET JRF Exam not only requires hard work but also needs proper guidance and patience. Review the material you covered every week and evaluate how well you did at retaining the information. If you are lacking in any topic, go back and study those topics again.

2. Collect e-Books for CSIR NET Exam

You can take help of the list of the recommended reference books on our site, which are listed with the importance of content they contain according to their respective units.

3. Books specially prepared for CSIR NET exam

For MS students it better to follow reference books. But for a short period of time during preparation you can follow different study materials such Pathfinder Books, Shomu’s Biology Books, IFAS Study Materials, Biotechnika Study Material and so many. This will save your time and you can focus on important topics. Reference books are not written in CSIR NET point of view, so it is better also follow any of these study materials. These books will also help to tackle the boring chapters.

4. Practice test series

It is important to practice test series available online, Books, CSIR website to get an idea about questions pattern of CSIR and to get confidence. After every topic completed just try to practice MCQs. So always practice MCQs from different resources and CSIR old papers as you read your topics.

5. Watching videos

YouTube can be your best source for understanding the topics. So many videos are available from many coaching institutes like Shomu’s biology, PhD students who have already cleared CSIR etc., Most of the time, YouTube videos become really helpful when you have not covered these topics and you are doing self-study.

6. Teacher support for solving doubts

You can also get in touch with some experienced teacher, PhD students and who have already cleared CSIR. You can also mail us for suggestions.

7. Proper time management

  1. Spend at the maximum time in your studies daily and allow 1-2 hour extra for revision.
  2. Take important topics at first and as soon as you complete a topic, revise it instantly.
  3. Also perform the combined revision of the topics which you studied during the whole day long, before going to sleep at night.
  4. Try to cover your maximum portion in Morning and Noon Hours and dedicate evening hours for refining your performance by solving the questions.
  5. Make a proper schedule for every unit.
  6. Fix the sleeping/rest hours to relax your body from stress

8. Make notes

Prepare notes and then concise those notes too because reading through those 6 months you must have learned some points by heart; so why waste time in reading all those things again and again.

9. Revision

Whatever study, revise it. Most of the students make this mistake during this exam. Because they keep reading new topics but not revise older ones. So, it is necessary to daily revise the topics. Don’t panic while giving the exam. Don’t attempt questions that you are not very sure. Daily revision and solving the questions is key to success.

10. Training at a coaching centre

This can be one method to clear. Do check coaching’s success record, study material, test series and ask your friends or who have attended coaching there. Success doesn't depend on coaching only, hard work from both the sides is needed. Don’t just depend on the coaching because sometimes due to lack of time, teachers skip some part of the syllabus. So, do independent study too. You can also join online coaching classes.

After preparation for your exams tries giving mock tests provided by many websites and us.

Eat proper food, do not get sick and drink an adequate amount of water. Try doing some activity like games, videos or other activities to not get bored. This will make your mind fresh and help to memorize the topics.

If you need any help for CSIR NET, The Biomics is always here for you. You can mail us at [email protected] or contact us at

Our consultation for CSIR NET JRF Exam preparation is for free. Being in this field, we encourage the students to qualify CSIR NET Exam with proper guidance.

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#Submitted by Vijay Agrawal (not verified) on Thu, 19/07/2018 - 11:57

Hi Sir
Is it good to sleep or take nap (15-45 minutes) couple of times a day, rather having a long stretch of sleep of 6 hours?

#Submitted by Gourav (not verified) on Tue, 25/09/2018 - 14:17

Those are really very good suggestions. And I personally felt as well as what I found that many aspirants found useful about early information and requisites regarding the exam.
Once you get to know about the exam early you worked on the 20% stuffs that will fetch you the 80% success in the exam.
I have recently found these useful links and have been recommended by many.
I hope this may help others also.

#Submitted by Sri Hari Laksh… (not verified) on Sat, 24/11/2018 - 14:26

Thank you so much sir. How many hours is needed to spend for CSIR preparation especially for the working persons? I am thinking to give a try for June 2019. So I have 6 months of time.

Hi Sri Hari

First of all you should go through the syllabus of CSIR Life Science (or the subject you are going to appear).

Based on the syllabus you will be able to know your strength and weak points. This will help you understand how much time do you need to devote to a particular topic.

All the topics are equally important and also require basics to be cleared, your strategy to categories your study in Practice and Go Deep into the Topic will help you cover the syllabus easily. Strategy depends on person to person. People find it comfortable to go through standard books (when they have already understanding the topic or for the first time) or notes suffice them for preparation (less time but already studied thoroughly).


Hope it will make you able to understand yourself and plan accordingly.

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